Trust across borders for our digital future

The OECD is a preeminent source of socio-economic research and outlook; a respected and trusted guide for where the world has been and where it may be heading.

The Government After Shock was a globally networked event convened by the OECD that took place November 17-19 2020. It brought together over 5500+ participants to reflect on the implications on the COVID-19 crisis and explore the future of government moving forward. In collaboration with Flux Compass (Hong Kong), the Bern University of Applied sciences hosted a workshop that brought together professionals from Switzerland and Hong Kong. The workshop invited its participants to stop and think about what we, as citizens of the nations of the world, can learn from the COVID-19 crisis and how we want to go forward with respect to our digital future. Together, we have elaborated a message to governments on what we want to keep, leave behind, or do differently.