Diversity and Inclusion

More Innovation for more Diversity and better Inclusion

Diversity promotes innovation. With increasing global connectivity and migration, diversity is a reality in today's society. However, in order for diversity to become a real success factor, it is important to create an inclusive working environment. At the same time, innovative projects can be used as a starting point to achieve diversity and inclusion in the organization.

What I Do ...

I love working on innovative projects that drive real transformation towards more diversity and inclusion. How can institutions create real inclusion?

How can I as a person behave in a way that is sensitive to discrimination and critical of racism? I am happy to explore these questions together with interested parties, whether holistically and conceptually in the context of project support or selectively in the context of workshops.

Workshops on antiracism

Racism, as one of many diversity dimenstions, is often neglected in many diversity strategies. This means that exclusion mechanisms that affect a large part of our society are not addressed. In workshops. We can address these uncertainties and ask ourselves the following questions:
  • What is racism?
  • What does racism look like in everyday life?
  • What unconscious prejudices do I carry with me?
  • How can I behave in a way that is critical of racism?

diversity and intersectionality

"The term intersectionality combines social and individual experiences. It is based on the insight that social categories such as gender, origin, class, age and disability are not isolated from each other, but are closely interwoven and encourages us to think beyond familiar boundaries and to face up to contradictions." 

It is important to me to approach racism from an intersectional perspective. From this perspective, it is easier to understand ascriptions and how we self-identify in relation to our social positioning, thus making our visible our blindspots and privileges.

Diversity and inclusion in institutions

The implementation of diversity and inclusion demands for sustainable transformation of the institution.
Workshops and courses can inititiate individual processes, which is an important basis for anchoring diversity and inclusion in an institution. However, sustainable transformations go beyond one-off training courses. They involve rethinking and changing work processes and structures. Innovative projects can stimulate the first steps towards real diversity and inclusion.